History of our Club

The Venice Region AACA was founded by six interested individuals who wereantique car enthusiasts looking for fellowship and good times for themselves and their wives. Their favorite pastime, besides antique cars, was looking for good restaurants to enjoy. That all started on November 8, 1987 and was the brainchild of George Youngberg, Steve Koss, Floyd Davis, Ray Lindauer, George Kernighan and Frank Taliarico. At that time, an election was held and three officers were appointed. They were George Youngberg -President, Floyd Davis-Vice President and Ray Lindauer as Secty./Treasurer. Two months after being established, the club applied for charter status and to affiliate with the Royal Palm Region AACA.

Six Months after they started, Ed McDonald of Venice joined and was in charge of caravan tours. Ed proceeded to arrange the first tour to the Gamble Plantation in Palmetto. In 1990 Ed proceeded to spearhead the clubs scholarship program and was elected president in 1991. In August of 1998, the fledgling club transferred it’s affiliation from Royal Palm Chapter to Lemon Bay Chapter AACA and remained there for five years before they broke away and received there own charter.

In the early days, the first club meeting was held in the parking lot of the VeniceLibrary. There after, monthly meetings were held at the Venice Public Library where, in exchange for a meeting room, they provided a free subscription to Hemming Motor News and Antique Car Magazine plus some fund raising to help Friends of the Library and initially raised enough to donate $500 per year. Around the turn of the century the meeting’s were moved to The Venice Municipal Complex and yet moved once again in 2011 to Venice Garden Civic Center as membership had grown.

The first Venice Region AACA car show was held at The Venice Public Parking Lot of the library August 1989. In October of 1990 the Venice Chapter AACA Car Show was held in conjunction with the Sun Fiesta Air and Car Show. The next year 10/91 they moved to First National Bank Parking Complex . At some point in the mid – 90’s the car show was moved to its home Centennial Park and The Gazebo where it still exists today..

The club has focused for years on providing scholarships to graduating seniors of Venice High School starting out with it’s first of $500 to 2017 when seven students benefited from $1,000 scholarships each… Other charitable donations were to Big Brothers and Sisters.